Body Wraps & Scrubs

PPC Body Wrap

Our PPC body wraps contain active ingredients which start working immediately.  If you want to lose inches fast, then this is the treatment for you! It works on the fatty layer from the inside out.

We apply the product to your stomach and thighs, then wrap you up for maximum absorption.  As well as losing inches, it also combats cellulite, improves skin texture, and speeds up lymph flow.

After the wrap is applied we will treat you to a relaxing face, head or shoulder massage.

Price: £59 | Time: 50 mins

Exuviance Bionic Body Polish

This is a luxurious full body treatment which polishes the skin to leave it soft and smooth.  The resurfacing blend of naturally occurring acids gently remove dead skin cells therefore smoothing skin texture without harsh abrasion. Finally, the finishing touch of Vitamin E and Shea Butter locks in moisture to provide long lasting hydration.

Price: £45 | Time: 40 mins

Exuviance Full Body Peel

This treatment start with the Exuviance full body exfoliation and is followed by a retexturing glycolic peel.  We apply glycolic acid peel to the whole body (excluding face) which is particularly effective for rough bumpy dull skin.  The perfect overhaul if your skin is on show!

Price: £99 | Time: 1 hr 15 mins

3D Lipo for Cellulite, Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

If you want a longer term solution to a body concern, go to our 3D Lipo treatment page – a clinically proven alternative to surgical liposuction.

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