Icon Ultra Non-Surgical Face Lift

Want a gym work out for your face? Then Icon Ultra non-surgical face lift is the answer. If you go to the gym to keep fit – why not do the same for your skin and facial contours!

Our Icon Ultra Lift system stimulates facial muscles using micro currents which lift and tone the face. Simply put it is a work out for your facial muscles.  Galvanic currents are also used to flush toxins out of the skin, including puffiness around the eyes.  In addition we can infuse hyaluronic acid using no-needle mesotherapy int0 the skin – e.g. around the eyes to plump the skin or into the lips (included in Lip treatment).

Simply choose your area and time:

Eye and Brow Lift (30 mins)- £35
Lip Lift & Fill (25 mins) – £29

Cheek and Jaw Lift (45 mins) – £50
Face and Jaw / Cheeks & Neck (55 mins) – £59

Icon Ultra Deluxe (face & neck 75 mins) – £69

Add Collagen Mask or Meostherapy to any treatment – £10  

Similar to going to the gym, multiple sessions are necessary to see visible results. 20% discount for course bookings.

A course of 5-10 is recommended initially, followed by regular maintenance treatments.

If you’d rather opt for a one-off treatment, find out about HIFU here.  This is the most advanced non-surgcial face lift available worldwide.

Non-surgical Caci face lift

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