Anti-Acne Peel

There’s no need to hide your face away.  Our acne treatments will improve your skin and restore your confidence.

Our anti-acne peel uses 2 types of naturally occurring acid, to target congested oily skin.  Mandelic acid combats the excess oil associated with acne, while glycolic acid breaks down the horny layer which builds up and traps bacteria.  A clay mask can be applied afterwards to immediately reduce inflammation from spots and calm the skin.

For a tailored service, please book a free skin consultation when we can advise if a peel is the right treatment for you.  Call 0151 665 0335

If your concern if scarring after suffering from Acne, please see Microneedling treatments

Anti-Acne Peel £55
Course of 3 Peels £145
Anti-Acne Peel with Mask £65
Course of 3 £165

IPL Light Therapy

Available at our sister salon, Radiant Living. IPL treatments are proven to improve the condition of the skin in many ways.  The light emitted from the system directly targets overactive sebaceous glands, greatly reducing the total number and severity of active lesions. It also lessens inflammation and occurrence of break-outs.

IPL can be combined with skin peels for faster results. For more information please go to: IPL for acne at Radiant Living

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