HIFU Face Lift

HIFU face lift is the latest and ultimate no-knife treatment without surgery.  Using the latest technology called HIFU which stands for High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound, we can both lift and tighten loose or sagging skin. Plus there’s no downtime and minimal discomfort.

The Science

HIFU focuses energy to stimulate the deep support layers of the skin without causing damage to the surface. During the treatment HIFU energy is focussed below the skin’s dermis to a layer called SMAS.  This superficial muscular layer is the same layer which is targeted during a surgical facelift. The treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen resulting in a lifted, firmer and toned appearance of the skin.

What to expect

Results will develop over the course of 2-3 months, and some clients experience improvement for up to six months.   Whilst HIFU is not as drastic as surgical intervention, it is an exciting alternative for those clients who do not with to undergo surgery.

HIFU is a one off treatment with the benefit expected to last one year.  A yearly maintenance treatment is recommended to combat the ageing process.

HIFU Full Face & Neck £750
HIFU Full Face £650
HIFU Cheeks & Jaw £495
HIFU Eye, Brow & Forehead £250
HIFU Neck £350

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