Laser Tattoo Removal

A safe and effective way to fade away tattoos of various size and colour, whether professional or amateur.

This service is offered at our sister salon – Radiant Living.

Using the most advanced active Q-switched medical grade laser (not a passive laser as used by many tattoo studios), short pulses of light are flashed over the tattoo, breaking down the ink into smaller particles. The body’s immune system then removes the particles, gradually fading the tattoo after each session. Our laser technicians are trained and accredited by the British Medical Laser association. As our lasers are the more powerful than passive systems it means we will be able to remove your tattoo in fewer sessions.

Amateur Tattoo Price: from £40

Professional Tattoo Price: from £45

Please book a free consultation at our sister salon Radiant Living, 12-14 Station Rd, Parbold WN8 7NU, when we will be able to give advice and carry out a test patch.

laser tattoo removal


tattoo removal

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