Evolution Ice
Laser Hair Removal

Tired of plucking, waxing or shaving? Our Evolution Ice, Diode Laser Hair Removal system is a virtually painless laser.

Our latest offer is the perfect opportunity to start

Choose a large area, and get a smaller area HALF PRICE when you book a course of 3 treatments!

Eg. you pay for Hollywood Bikini x 3 sessions = £300 (saving £120)

We’ll give you 3 x Underarms HALF PRICE = £92 (saving £92)

Whether you are fair or dark skinned, the triple wavelength laser is suitable for you. It’s one of the world’s most advanced laser system which kills off hair faster and more comfortably than ever before.

Example Area Price per session Course of 3 Sessions Saving
Top Lip £50 £110  £40
Chin £65 £145  £50
Lip & Chin £75 £150  £75
Lip, Chin, Neck £90 £160  £110
Lower Face & Neck £110 £198  £132
Example Area Price per session Discount Course of 3 Sessions Saving
Bikini £85 £195  £60
Underarms £85 £195 £60
Hollywood Bikini £140 £330  £90
Lower Legs £165 £345 £140
Upper Legs £170 £365 £150
More areas available Choose a large area, get smaller area HALF PRICE!
Evolution Ice Laser hair removal

Our skilled laser technicians are experienced in treating all areas of the face and body.  We are also experienced in treating unusual hair growth caused by polycystic ovaries.  If you suffer from PCOS or hormonal hair growth, we will assess you and advise how laser hair removal can help.

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